28 JUL

COVID Hiccup

28 JUL

Well that wasn't part of the plan...

At the beginning of July I headed off for a small family holiday in Cornwall. We arrived and I spent a few days cycling and enjoying taking some time out of the boat, knowing the on my return it was going to be a pretty full on ramp up to the Laser Worlds in September.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the way I managed to pick up a pretty brutal COVID infection, and was bed-bound for almost two weeks. What was surprising was the intensity of the illness and how hard it hit me, despite being pretty fit and healthy. Having had my first vaccine just the week before, I had almost no protection - and it really felt like it.
What was even more surprising was everyone fully vaccinated in my family tested negative, and had no symptoms whatsoever. I really would not recommend the experience that I went through so if you have the choice, please get the vaccine - it is much better than the alternative!